Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saved for Our Time

I know that when I was growing up in the Church, I was often told that we, the youth, were saved for this time and place (which I firmly believe). Have you ever taken a step back, as one of those people, and looked at others who have been saved for this time and place? I just can't help but be grateful that we have leaders whose talents are specifically designed to guide us through this unsteady, dark world. My family and I enjoyed going to Stake Conference today and were blessed to hear spiritually enlightening words by many leaders.

Most of all, Elder Bednar's words explained the characteristics of Christ like I have never heard it explained before and how we can obtain those characteristics for ourselves. WoW! This man is definitely called of God to guide those who will listen to the truth. One other important topic he mentioned was adversity. He explained that some of Christ's characteristics are only obtainable through our trials. That's one way of being grateful for our hardships (!), we just need to remember that we are gaining a Christlike perspective and actually becoming more like him. I look at many of my trials and see clearly that those trials were only for me to gain those characteristics of Christ.
This man has a way of guiding us through our ongoing conversion as we try to maintain our testimonies. I am so grateful he was preserved for our time.

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